The spring and summer seasons of 2013 were filled with unexpected life events.  My 89 year-old, frail, fiercely independent mother was failing.  The end of May, a fall with minor injuries bought her a ticket to the hospital and on to rehabilitation.  Granting her wishes, we developed a plan to have her once again return to independence with in-home caregivers and closer supervision.  Six hours later, a call from the paramedics changed everything; "we are at your Mom's house, she fell earlier this evening and we think she has been laying on the floor awhile, she didn't use her medical alert button."  Again luck was on our side, she cut her hand, that was it!

Action and decisions needed to be made immediately.  Mom stated she  "was scared and lonely, didn't want to be that way anymore".  There are many senior care options available, with my experience and knowledge, I knew an Adult Care Home was the best setting for Mom; closer supervision, provision of elder care, and compassion. I visited over a dozen homes on the west side of Portland, most were acceptable - but I know my Mother and where she would be happiest. 


Patton Villa Senior Care exceeded my expectations on the first day I visited and continues to do so - 3 months later.  Lidia Grigorean and her lively, welcoming family fit the ticket. Their home is designed to care for seniors, beautifully appointed with attention to the disability needs of seniors.  The key measures that Lidia always provides:

1.  Safety during ambulation and close monitoring of risks for falls
2.  Quality of care, communicating any concerns or needs for medical condition changes. The food always home-made and nutritious.
3.  Personal care planning, a holistic approach that encourages family involvement as a member of the care team.

In summary, Patton Villa Senior Care has allowed my Mother to thrive once again, she is happy, eating well, and never lonely!  The peace of mind that she is safe is a true blessing, plus receiving the highest possible standard of care.  


Susan Troup, R.N.


Dear Lidia and Family,

Words cannot fully say how much we have appreciated you and your family over the last two years. Mom was a lady that was put into a very hard situation and she had no good way to handle it. I know that sometimes she could be a handful, but you always handled her with respect and care.

We as a family came to count on your expertise as a caregiver. We also counted on your friendship. We felt comforted knowing that mother was in your kind care. Mother received great joy from the attention shown by your children. You and your family helped open our eyes to the hard work, devotion, and kindness of the caregiver profession.

God Bless You.

Myrtle Jordan & Family



A belated "Thank You," for the excellent and personal care you gave my mother, Ana Hugeback, while she lived in your care home. After a catastrophic stroke, it was difficult and important decision for us, her children, to select a place for her to live the remainder of her life. I shall never regret that we selected your home -- home is the perfect word for an imperfect situations. 

You and your family provided my mother with not only the medical and physical attention she required, but you also provided love and companionship so necessary for a quality of life. I shall always be comforted by a conversation I recall with my mother when she said, "where else could I be and feel such a part of a family." You monitored her medication, saw to her personal hygiene and fed her the best of all possible meals.

Thank you for all of your care and the love you shared. Without any reservation, I am glad  to recommend your care home and you personally.

Herbert W. Piekow



Words are not enough to let you know how much we have appreciated your enduring love and care for my mom. You have a wonderful quality that is rare to find. We want to thank you for everything you have done to make mom's life comfortable and enjoyable. You are truly a gift and I'll never forget you.

Ron & Tina



Thank you for the special care you have grandma. I think you are an angel. You are special person. Please accept our heartfelt thanks.

Marcelle and Vickie


We have found our caregiver, Lidia Grigorean, to be very reliable and dependable. She has a cheerful personality and is kind and patient. She takes good care of us and is efficient and conscientious. We are very happy to reccomend her.

Priscilla M. Judy


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